Sicuro e connesso con il tuo bambino
  • Sensori di rilevamento, allarme sonoro e SMS di emergenza
  • Cuscino imbottito per maggior comfort durante l'uso quotidiano
  • Compatibile con la maggior parte dei seggiolino auto
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Descrizione del prodotto

Bébé Confort ha sviluppato il cuscino intelligente e-Safety che rileva la presenza del bambino e avverte se il bambino è stato lasciato da solo all’interno del veicolo sul seggiolino auto.

Il dispositivo dialoga attraverso l'applicazione disponibile gratuitamente per IOS e Android e il genitore/tutore viene avvertito tramite una notifica di allarme sonoro nel caso in cui si allontani dall’auto lasciando il bambino seduto sul seggiolino. Nel caso in cui il genitore/tutore non risponda all’avviso, viene inoltrato un messaggio SMS di allarme ad una lista preinserita di contatti contenente la posizione GPS dell’auto.

Non pensi mai che ciò possa accadere, ma succede ogni anno a genitori come te. Lasciare involontariamente il bambino in auto troppo a lungo in una giornata calda, può portare ad ipertermia. Il cuscino intelligente Bébé Confort e-Safety si installa semplicemente sul tuo seggiolino auto: sicuro e connesso, offre tranquillità in ogni viaggio!

Sceglimi perché

Facilità d'uso
Installazione facile e veloce
Sensori di rilevamento idrorepellenti
Fodera amovibile e lavabile

Extra imbottitura per massimo comfort giorno dopo giorno
Facile da installare sul seggiolino auto

Conferma di corretto utilizzo (tramite app IOS e Android)
Batteria sostituibile
Compatibile con la maggior parte dei seggiolino auto
Domande frequenti
How to turn on/off the Smart Cushion?
The smart cushion automatically turns itself on when detecting a weight above 3KG; After three minutes of no weight detection the Smart Cushion switches off automatically.
The registration password has not been received.
Verify that the e-mail sent to you has not been moved from your mail system to spam or junk mail. If the e-mail is not even in the spam, try to request a new password.
Where could I find the serial number?
The serial (identified with SN) is reported inside the 1). Quick start guide 2). Last page of the manual 3). Cover on the sensor pad
How many emergency contacts can I register in the application?
You can register up to three emergency contacts. At least one emergency contact is required. Only use mobile phone numbers as emergency contacts (no landline or national emergency numbers).
How can I delete a Smart Cushion profile in the application?
Open the profile settings of the Smart Cushion, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press "Delete”. The Smart Cushion related to the profile is deleted from the application.
Is the Smart Cushion compatible with all car seats?
The Bébé Confort e-Safety Smart Cushion works properly if; positioned on the car seat it is able to correctly detect the presence of the child with the integrated sensor. In addition, it is recommended to check if the smart cushion (27 × 27.5cm) is well positioned into the car seat and does not create discomfort for the child. We always recommend parents and caregivers to carry out a test during the first installation.
How many Smart Cushions does the Bébé Confort e-Safety application handle?
It is possible to associate a maximum of 4 Smart Cushions to your smartphone.
Can I monitor the battery level of the Bébé Confort e-Safety?
Yes, the level of the battery can be monitored via the application. When the battery is above 10% the battery indicates a full battery. Whenever the battery level is lower than 10%, the battery will indicate a low (red) battery level with an exclamation mark.
How long is the battery lifetime?
The lifetime depends on the usage of the Smart Cushion. The battery will last for minimum 4 years based on a use of 2 hours per day.
Is the battery replaceable?
Yes, when the battery indicates a low battery, please contact the Bébé Confort consumer care within 30 days to receive instructions on its replacement.
Does the system emit harmful radiation to the child?
The device exploits only the low energy Bluetooth technology with a 2.4 – 2.485ghz frequency band. It is certified to be used without danger of radiation for your child.
Is the Smart Cushion Water Resistant?
The sensors inside the Smart Cushion are water- and dust resistant with the IP67 intrusion rating which withstand spills, splashes and even a good dunking.
Is the fabric of the Smart Cushion washable?
The pad can be separated from the electronic part and be washed in washing machine at 30°C. Please consult the washing label for further instructions.
Can I use the Smart Cushion reversible?
No, the 3D breathable mesh fabrics (colored black) should always be on top to use the sensors in the right direction.
Is the Bébé Confort e-Safety application compatible with all Operating Systems (OS) of Android and iOS?
The Bébé Confort e-Safety application is compatible with Android 5.0, iOS 10.0 and higher.
Where can I download the Bébé Confort e-Safety application?
The Bébé Confort e-Safety application may only be downloaded from official App stores 1. Google Play™ Store (for Android operating system) or 2. Apple Store® (for iOS operating system).
After downloading the application, I do not see the content or it is not complete.
We recommend you to check the smartphone system requirements reported in the App store. To use the application it is necessary to confirm the terms of use displayed at the first access.
Can I use the Bébé Confort e-Safety application and account with multiple smartphones?
Yes, but two smartphones can not be connected to the Smart Cushion at the same time. It’s necessary to identify which one is effectively connected and therefore should not be abandoned. When the connected phone is out of reach the alarm will be activated. After stopping the alarm it will automatically connect to the second smartphone.
For what purposes will the data in the Bébé Confort e-Safety application be used?
The data and permissions in the application will be used to properly use the service and functions. All personal data held are protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure or other use. Please consult the "Terms and Conditions” in the application for more information.
How can I set my language in the Bébé Confort e-Safety application?
The language is set automatically according to the specifications of the telephone operating system.
How to change the password of the Bébé Confort e-Safety application?
Open the settings of the Smart Cushion, choose "Change Password”, fill in all fields (required) and confirm the new password by pressing the "Change Password” button.
Can I change the notifications sound of the Bébé Confort e-Safety application?
If you open your Bébé Confort e-Safety settings tab, you’ll find a "Notifications” menu item. Tap it, however, and you'll be taken to a whole sub-menu dedicated to tones and notifications. Once there, you may pick a new sound for incoming alarms.
Can I still receive sound notifications if my smartphone is muted?
Yes, it’s important to always ‘allow’ the application to send notifications and check the volume options of your smartphone. Please consult the manual of the smartphone for further information.
How do I change my notification settings (e.g. alerts, sounds and icon badges) of the application on my smartphone?
Notification settings such as alerts, sounds and icon badges are smartphone specific. Please consult the manual of the smartphone for further information.